Friday, September 4, 2009

Missional Insights: The Capacity of Scripture

It is amazing to contemplate the capacity of Scripture to transform. In what areas can transformation be accomplished? Frequent exposure to scripture transforms the mental models, values, and behaviors of followers of Christ, and through our influence, society becomes more humane. We see differently. Think differently. Act differently.

At this writing, news reports are advising parents to ensure their children receive the H1N1 vaccine, when it becomes available. Healthcare experts assume the capacity of the vaccine, still being developed, to significantly reduce the number of new cases of swine flu. The vaccine is “graced” with an optimistic transformational capacity. Not proven, yet assumed effective.

Centuries and millennia have proven the capacity of Scripture as a life transforming agent. Its laboratories of validation have been the countless thousands of persons who encounter God as they read, reflect and respond to scripture.

Years ago I heard Leroy Eims speak about the power of scripture to change lives. In his effervescent way, he indicated that the Bible was the only written document that could so transform. Then he said, “It is a crying shame that there aren’t more people sharing it.”

To have a vaccine that would eradicate disease and not share it would be criminal. It boggles the mind that a cure or a preventative might be withheld if available. Further, we would be astounded should a cure or vaccine be refused by those who most need it.

The mission of the God demands that His church consume scripture, words with power to restore the fullness of God’s image in us. As we are transformed into that image, our actions influence those with whom we relate. We become salt and light, not because we can quote the right verses, but because we live lives of authentic compassion and moral reliability.

The significance of influence is reflected in these words, “May those who fear you rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in your word.” (Psalm 119:74). When the word of God is transforming us, others celebrate being with us!

Missional churches are the kind of people the world wants to spend time with. The thing that makes us inviting is that, at least some of the time, we look and live just like Jesus. That is the transformational capacity of scripture.

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manonamission said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this blog. Scripture is used by the Spirit of God like nothing else. Prevailing prayer also lays hold of Scripture in the transformation of realities that have to be navigated by people whom God is changing in order that they might change things.