Saturday, January 9, 2010

Verge 2010 – Austin – February 4-6

For those of you who have been asking, “no” I am not speaking at Verge. So, why do I keep encouraging you to register? Why do I keep saying, “I look forward to seeing you there?” Because I believe in the dialogue that Verge will foster. I believe in being part of the community of faith on this missional journey. It is not about me. It is not about the “speakers.” It is about God, His mission and our part in it.

While I will not be “on the platform” I will be in the dialogue. So will you, if you join us. For Verge is about more than hearing a few people speak. It is about community, family, networking. It is about what God wants to say through you and me as well as to you and me.

The day before Verge 2010 begins I will conclude three days of keynoting a west coast conference for pastors and spouses where we will explore the missional leadership challenges they are facing. From there, I will join you in Austin where we will continue the same dialogue in a different context. We are all learners on the journey. God is the guide. His church is the vessel sent to live and proclaim His Kingdom. Let’s gather to hear His voice at the Verge of this decade!


andrew jones said...

should be a great conference. George Patterson will be the man to watch.

Missional Church Center said...

Are you going to be with us? If so, then George and TSK will the the two to watch!