Friday, June 10, 2011

More than Gold - London Learning Lab

For the last week, I have guided our first Learning Lab in London. Our team of four church leaders left the US on Thursday, June 2 and flew home yesterday. Team members were Danny Gilliam, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hillsboro, Texas; Dean and Austin Meade, pastor and worship leader from Calvary Baptist Church in Brenham, Texas; and Phil Young, staff member with Tennessee Baptist Convention. These friends joined me to visit with church leaders in the United Kingdom who are developing creative ministries to reach out to those living in a post-christian culture.

Today in Britain, less than 7% of the population regularly attend any kind of church. In a nation that was once the center of the modern missionary sending movement, God's story is rarely known. Young adults may be compared to third generation immigrants who know longer speak or understand the language of their grandparents. They do not know the story of Christ or why the church even exists.

In 2012 the world will come to London for the Summer Olympics. The global games provide a unique opportunity for churches to serve and share with athlete families and fans from virtually every nation. After our overnight flight from the US, our team hit the ground running by visiting the offices of More than Gold. Begun during the Olympics in Atlanta, More than God is the umbrella under which churches come together to minister during major sporting events. In this case, the Olympic Committee has asked More than Gold to provide host homes for incoming athlete families.

During the games, More than Gold has committed to provide thousands of Christian volunteers who will serve in more than 200 various ministry roles. Filling those roles will require volunteers coming from around the world as short-term missionaries during July and August, 2012. Team members were briefed on the opportunities and invited to bring mission teams to serve during the games.

John Burns, of the More than Gold staff, led the briefing while we enjoyed lunch. We were also joined by my friend Bryan Doyle, and Henry Deneen, president of Greater Europe Mission.

Following the briefing our team caught the tube and made our way to the Olympic Park which is quickly nearing completion in Stratford. There we prayed that God would get great glory during the 2012 games. I filmed Danny Gilliam as he recorded a video to share with his congregation inviting them to pray and prepare now about being part of the mission in London next year.

Danny pointed to the structure being built for the Olympic flame and challenged his church to pray that the true light that overcomes darkness would be received by thousands who will come to Olympics 2012. Thousands will come from nations where the Gospel cannot be freely proclaimed. Pray that in London they will encounter the Light of the World.

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Africa Youth Ministries said...

Dear Sir or Madam,

Calvary greetings from Africa Youth Ministries, Uganda. I am writing this mail to express my interest in the 2012 Summer Short Term Missions opportunities with you under the "More than Gold Campaign" during the 2012 Summer London Olympics. I am a youth worker here in Uganda, i have designed, implemented and managed various Sports For Social Change projects in the last 7 years. This includes the following:-

1. Sports Ministry/Evangelism

2. Peace Through Sport

3. Sports Ministry in Photos

4. Girls Sports Development Projects

5. Peace Games

6. Peace Games in Photos

7. Project 2010 (South Africa World Cup)

8. Mini World Cup 2010

9. Tackling AIDS Through Sport

During the 2010 World Cup, we organised various projects around the world cup, this included:- Evangelism, HIV Free Testing Campaign, Drug abuse prevention, Peace Education, Domestic Violence Prevention.

I would love and through the More Than Gold Campaign to share my experience, learn more and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to lost. I have been in Ministry for over 12 years, and served in various ministries and capacities. If you need any Church recommendation i will be more than ready to provide that. I have lived and studied in Canada, US, Italy, Romania and i have shortly been in UK twice. I am a husband with 4 Children. I am a prayer worrior and can lead prayer meetings in preparation for the 2012 Olympics Souls Harvest. I will be most grateful if you will get back to me at the earliest time possible.

On His Team,

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