Monday, January 12, 2009

Meeting with Ellen Livingood

Recently I enjoyed a couple of hour’s one-on-one dialogue with Ellen Livingood, founding Director of Catalyst Services and mission mobilizer par excellence. Ellen has a passion to help mission agencies turn the corner in enhancing collaboration with churches in the global setting. One only has to listen to Ellen for a few minutes to discern her deep love for Christ and His church. Ellen is in the Dallas area to lead a Mobilization Training workshop, Developing and Presenting Partnership Opportunities, for mission agency personnel.

While Ellen’s primary mission assists mission agencies, local church mission teams can benefit greatly from resources archived from previous Catalyst Postings available at For instance, check out the June 2008 post on Short-Term Ministry Ideas. Let me know if you cannot find at least one new idea there!

I was honored when Ellen asked me to write an article for an upcoming issue of Catalyst postings but delighted when she did not give me a deadline!

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