Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recent Updates

Thanks to those of you who were praying last week for our class at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in Fresno, California. I enjoyed the time on the campus with students and administrative faculty. MMBS celebrates its heritage as “anabaptist and evangelical;” a good place to be.

Today, I was surprised when a friend called to say that one of our Missional Church Center video segments had been placed on the home page of the Baptist Standard website. The segment tells the story of the Pit Stop Ministry of Mimosa Lane Church in Mesquite, Texas (Click Here to view the video). While we did not know the video had been picked up and posted there, we rejoice as God broadens the audience of those who share our passion for a missional lifestyle.

Being His missional church is the focus of the current sermon series I am preaching at Northway Church in Dallas. We are calling the series, Jesus on Northway, and are currently focusing on ourPassion. (I figure if Apple can create words like iPod, then the church can certainly express itself with ourPassion.) That passion is manifest as we worship and obey God; serve and share His Good News with others; embrace and invite them to follow Christ; and equip and empower disciples to live His mission. To be candid, we are still learners on this journey, but our community is blessed as God faithfully directs us toward His heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Milfred!

To add to your well-deserved accolades (in my humble opinion): last summer during Sunday School Week at Glorieta, in asked our keynote speaker--Ed Stetzer--about the possibility of his speaking to Texas Baptists during this year's evangelism conferences; he indicated already having had to decline the invitation from Jon Randles (BGCT Evangelism Director)--but, when I asked who he knows with the same info and maybe available, he suggested YOU! And I agree, of course!

Keep up the good work, brother. And stop in to visit us!

David Troublefield
Wichita Falls, TX

Anonymous said...

Correction: should be ". . . I asked . . ." not ". . . in asked . . ."