Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mark Clement - Spiritual Footprints

As I read Mark Clement’s Blog Post, Increase Your Footprint, I thanked God for his creative and passionate insights. Shortly after I wrote about simplicity he addressed the subject from a global perspective. Reflecting on the demand that America reduce her “carbon footprint” he pursued the analogy by asking the impact of our spiritual footprint as Christ followers.

Mark wrote: “…what about our spiritual footprint? Is it even big enough to measure? Are we, individually or even collectively, having any significant impact on the environments we live in every single day? Spiritual, emotional and physical environments everywhere are in great need of impact. As with any great movement, it must start with us individually. We must make different choices than we made before. Every decision to change, however small, matters. As always, the most significant indicators of our impact are how we spend our time and our money."

Now Mark is blogging “about some different movements that are great examples of increasing our footprints as individuals, as families, as churches, and as communities. These people and organizations are great examples of how one idea, engulfed in the power of God, can have limitless impact on our world.” Check out and add to the world-changing ideas by clicking here.

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