Monday, August 2, 2010

Next Generation Leaders

Investing in next generation leaders is a rewarding experience for me. Today, I began a peer learning community with six servants of God who are in the beginning stages of ministry. After that, I visited with dear friends who have faithfully served Christ and His church for more than 50 years. Both bless me. From the latter I encounter practical wisdom gained throughout the years. With the other, I share the sunrise of potential Kingdom impact.

Both sunrise and sunset are beautiful. But, I find great hope in investing in those who are just beginning their vocational ministry roles. One of my desires is to help each group appreciate the other. To the young leaders, I am an older guy. To those who have retired, I am still among the young.

But as I was influenced and mentored by others, now I want to pour my life into those who follow. Let me be clear, it is not that I have great knowledge, rather I engage as a fellow learner in our mutual service of the King. Together, we can hear His voice, celebrate our individual calling into intimacy with Him, and share the joys and sorrows we experience in the tasks to which we are sent in His mission.

We are each called to into intimacy with Him and sent to live His mission. In that young and old have much in common.

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