Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Washing the Car - All Things New

I got the bucket, sponge, spray nozzle and soap and invested some time washing the car today. Pam and I leave tomorrow for a road trip in our Toyota Camry with 221,200 miles on it! So I wanted it clean.

I also had the oil changed, transmission flushed, and new brake pads installed. The old Midas guarantee (You’ll never pay for brake pads again as long as you own your car!) has served me well. Since we were going on a road trip, I wanted the car in the best mechanical condition possible.

Some folks wonder at my spending so much money on an older car with lots of miles. In fact, the service tech at Toyota said, “Wow, I’ve not written up a service order on any other car with that many miles.”

We live in a disposable culture. Most people do not anticipate driving a car 221,200 miles. I reflected on this today. I can work to keep the external appearance up and I can pay for maintenance to keep the internal mechanical systems functioning. But I cannot make my Toyota new again.

That is exactly what God does. He takes us in our broken, battered, abused condition and works a miracle that doesn’t just maintain us. He remakes us. He makes all things new again!

That is the gift He offers to the world, the Kingdom hope of every generation, “all things new.”

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Anonymous said...

Milfred and Pam,

What a nice reminder that God does not dispose of us when we aren't always in perfect condition. He keeps us clean, in decent working order, and gives us the grace to keep on going.

Have a blessed trip powered by God's grace, and His staying power!

Ed Jordan