Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grounds of Hope: A Vision of First Baptist Church McKinney Texas

Followers of Jesus are called to be “salt” in the world. Among the implications of that role is the preserving effect that we can have. Unfortunately Christians are often considered to be people who are “against what is wrong” rather than “for what is right.”

Injustice is wrong. We should oppose that wrong. Rather than simply standing against wrong, our “salt” function would best be exercised by actively pursuing social justice. We do not just speak against injustice; we do what we can to raise justice.

We speak up for what is good. We join the Father whose favorite creation-account words were “this is good.” Salt preserves what is good in society and culture. When we do that, when we prove that God’s concern is for those who are oppressed, the world takes note.

That is what First Baptist Church of McKinney is seeking to do through Grounds of Hope. This coffee and arts venue will become a ‘third place’ for people in the city. There every cup of coffee that is consumed will benefit persons living in poverty. And those who picked the coffee beans will share equitably in the profits of the consumed beverage.

In the process, the church will be educating an affluent society that often has no knowledge that there are ways for all of us to treat the world’s population with dignity and respect. Ways for our expenditures to benefit the most marginalized populations in the world. Ways to pursue justice.

Some will doubtless say, “What does that have to do with the Gospel?” I encourage you to ask that question. Seek the answers from the right source. Try Micah 6:8, or 1 John 3:17 or just try the heart of Jesus, Luke 4:17-21. Good News means so much more than eternal security. Let’s be as concerned about people who are living without Christ as we are about those who are dying without him. He cares about their condition here and now!

You can visit the source from which Grounds of Hope coffees will come and learn more about the vision of First McKinney and Grounds of Hope by watching their videos below.

I hope to see you at Grounds of Hope this fall…with mug in hand.

Grounds of Hope from Andrew Heath on Vimeo.

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