Saturday, August 22, 2009

Much is written…much to be read

I am a word person. I read. I write. I speak. In fact, I have the great difficulty being quiet.

But I am learning to listen to the words of others as special treasures. That is why I have asked a number of friends to contribute their thoughts to this missional dialogue. One thing I have learned is that while many may be invited…a smaller number respond.

In the next days, we will begin including posts from some of the friends we have made on the journey. Their insights stir my own thinking. Sometimes they write things that make me say, “Why didn’t I see that?” Other times I do not see eye-to-eye with their insights. Of course, sometimes I don’t agree with myself either!

My hope is that the inclusion of their posts will enhance our own thinking about the roles we each hold in God’s mission. I trust that you and I will be challenged to realize the significant implications of our participation in the Kingdom of God. And I hope that other voices will enable us to enter a more effective dialogue…comments are encouraged…so that iron may sharpen iron.

You will be able to identify their words by the icon: Postcards from friends…on the journey.

Be watching for the first of those posts from Shafer Parker, pastor of Hawkwood Baptist Fellowship in Calgary, Alberta. Having known each other as young children, Shafer and I had lost any contact for more than 45 years until our paths reconnected on the missional journey. Shafer and his wife Jeanne have opened their home when Pam and I have ministered in Canada. We love these sweet disciples of Jesus.

So watch for the “postcard” icon. Read and react to the thoughts of friends who are seeking to live and lead in God’s mission. By the way, I would welcome your “postcards” as well. What is God teaching you? What are you wrestling with on the journey? Share your story with me…and I’ll share it with others.

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