Friday, February 12, 2010

Jesus Sneezed – Kingdom Movement

At Verge 2010 we laughed as Alan Hirsch began by saying “I have always wanted to write a book called Jesus Sneezed.” Viruses can teach us a lot of things. They are resistant and remarkable creatures. All good ideas spread like viruses. The idea becomes a splinter in your brain. It demands your attention. You cannot help but notice it and deal with it. As we reflect on the idea that has ‘grabbed us’ we ‘sneeze’ that idea onto someone else.

Very simple slogans are characteristic of movements. “Jesus, Lord is alive” is a great example. The more complex you make it the more you slow it down. The early church message was simply yet earth shaking. The simplicity of that message demands a response. It paves the way for disciples to be born into the Kingdom.

Such a message spreading virally would only take eleven iterations from the 2200 people attending Verge, following the “pay it forward” concept loving three people into and discipling them in the Kingdom of God, to “cover” all of America. Then three more iterations would reach the every person in the world!

That is the power of multiplication. Were every church plant to “pay it forward” into only three more new churches, we would quickly saturate the world with churches. By the way, they don’t have to be big, just alive.

There are two elements that make an exponential movement:
Apostolic ministry + Mission of the People of God = Exponential Movement

Apostolic ministry is about ‘sent’ leaders who equip others for their sending. Mission of the People of God (MPOC) implies the equipped, mobilized ministry of every Christ follower.The real revolution happens when the people of God actually become and act as the people of God.

Below is Video of Alan Hirsch at Verge 2010.

*Photo provided by the VERGE 2010 Media Team

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