Monday, February 8, 2010

Verge 2010 P1

Over the next days, I will be posting insights from Verge 2010 Missional Community Conference which was held February 4-6, 2010. It was my privilege to be part of the Social Media team for the event.

Matt Carter, lead pastor of Austin Stone Community Church said missional community may be what this generation of believers is remembered for during session 1 at Verge 2010 Missional Community Conference in Austin.

Missional Community has the potential to be what this generation of believers is remembered for; that which historically defines this generation. Grandparents were remembered for Billy Graham and Navigators; parents for mega churches and contemporary Christian music and worship. I believe missional community is the long awaited structure that the American church has needed desperately to release every day believers into the mission God has intended for them in their everyday life.

There is a growing tension as everyday believers wonder why what they read in the book of Acts is not occurring in their own church experience. “When do I get to get in the game? When does the Holy Spirit get to manifest himself in and through me?” Missional Community has the potential to awaken the sleeping giant of the church.

There is also a danger that missional community is what we will be remembered for rather than our love for Jesus. The danger in that kind of community is that we love our mission more than our savior. If you love your mission more than you love your savior, then your savior will have no part in your mission.

The church at Ephesus was a church that exercised discipline, held true doctrine, persevered for Jesus’ sake. Yet, this was the church of which Jesus said, “I have a serious problem with you. You have left your first love.” After having identified five good things they were doing, Jesus said, “You have lost your relationship with me. I am no longer the first thing in your life.” In other word, you love your mission more than your savior.

The consequence of that failure was the removal of the “lamp stand.” For us the question becomes: If Jesus took everything away from you, never had one shred of success in ministry again; never saw a dream come true, would Jesus alone be enough?

*Photos provided by the VERGE 2010 Media Team

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Jon Van Bruggen said...

Great question Milfred! Thanks for the reminder to keep first things first. Grace and peace to you.