Thursday, February 18, 2010

Verge 2010 has only begun

Verge 2010 was blessed with the presence of God in an unusual way. Seldom have I been part of worship after which those present would not leave. When the final large group session ended, corporate prayer and confession swept across the room as the Holy Spirit manifested a Divine work. Quietly and unprompted, those present begin to call out various names of God: Comforter, Holy One, Messiah, Jesus, Rock of Help, etc.

A holy hush had descended and participants sensed they had been invited by the Father into a very special moment. Now we pray that the moment gives way to a season in which God continues to call followers into deeper relationship with Himself. We pray that the season will be observed by the world as we engage them with serving hearts and the compassion of Christ. Verge 2010 has not ended…it has only begun. This is my prayer.

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Brandon Hatmaker said...

Joining you in prayer. blessings. bh